State of Singapore’s Courier Delivery Services

There are many delivery companies in Singapore, ranging in different sizes and many of them serve slightly different markets. Logistics is a highly contested industry in Singapore, and only the very best manage to survive and then thrive in it! Let us take a quick look into Singapore’s delivery services industry.

First and foremost, it would be the most commonly known form of delivery services – postal services. In Singapore, the only provider of postal services is SingPost, which is a state owned company. It deals with everything postal services, and if you are looking to send an item or document over the next few days, then SingPost is a good choice. After all, you have no other choice if you want postal services.

Second of all, it would be the upgraded and accountable version of postal services – courier services. Courier service companies in Singapore usually deal with either same day or next day deliveries. For the purpose of this article, let’s just discuss about same day or urgent (within a few hours) delivery of documents. This service is used highly by corporations as they have many documents which needs to be sent from one location to another on a daily basis. Companies also need to collect and send cheques e.t.c. and may also deliver gifts to clients. These companies usually engage local courier companies in Singapore like PCAMasters, e.t.c.

Third of all, it would be delivery service of larger items in Singapore. These are delivery services for items such as TVs, small machinery e.t.c. These are usually moving companies such as Shalom Movers e.t.c.

Finally, it would be about cargo shipping. Although this has more to do with international shipping, it’s still considered delivery services, hence I just decided to quickly mention about this. There are few companies in Singapore which does this, if any. Most of the international delivery companies are companies with their own planes such as DHL and Fedex. In fact, DHL, Fedex and UPS are the largest international freight companies in Singapore. They only deal with international deliveries and outsource their local deliveries in Singapore.

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