How To Choose A Courier Service In Singapore

Choosing a courier service is different from simply getting somebody to deliver your goods for you. Chances are, if you’re needing courier service, then you’re delivering items very important to your company, and are mostly looking at same day courier deliveries in Singapore. You’re not looking at non-urgent (2-3 working days deliveries). With that in mind, let us move on. If you’re not sure whether you need courier services or need other logistics services in Singapore instead, then you may want to check out this link.

1. Always find out your company’s requirements first. What items would your company be looking to deliver? Is it small packages, big items or documents? Most courier services in Singapore deal with smaller packages, and big and bulky items such as TVs e.t.c. are usually handled by moving companies instead.

2. Do you need same day delivery service in Singapore or do you not need same day delivery services. Generally speaking documents, folders, contracts and cheques are delivered on the same day for Singapore companies. For E-commerce companies which want to send out their products to their customers, they usually use next day or next 3 day delivery services which is more cost efficient, but slow. It all really depends on your company’s needs.

3. Would it be better for your company to find a courier service in Singapore or would it be better for your company to hire a full time dispatch rider in Singapore? Here’s a quick answer: If your costs with a courier company is less than 2.5 thousand per month, then outsourcing and finding a courier company in Singapore will be more cost efficient for you. This is because to hire a full time, in house dispatch rider in Singapore, you would need to pay approximately $1800 for their salary, and when you include their petrol costs, insurance and CPF payments, it would be around $2200 to $2500. Therefore, if your expenses for courier service is less than that, then simply keep using the courier firm, as they will be able to provide you the same service with less headache (no employee or leave management or CPF payments).

As you can see from the above tips, picking a courier company in Singapore is about understanding your own needs more than simply looking at a courier company.

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